Longley Park Sixth Form College's Art Exhibition

Justify FullAfter a long year, one year to be exact, time have changed and gone so fast that you can't barely counted. Yet many sweet memories have been created and bad memories have been diminished but also guidance to the straighter path of life. Art exhibition in Longley Park can not get any better than this. Work from A2 students and only certain students from AS (ME) :p (it was an honour to be chosen), First diploma to Btec National Diploma have been displayed from one side to the other, one corner to the other, face to face and side by side which have brought joy and happiness to the environment of college. Through the hard work and effort that we have put into and the sweat that we have created from our own body, our work, our journey, our path, our road have finally ended with great memories behind it.

The Exhibition have been categorised into different section to the students that took courses that related to art. Most of the students are A2 as they are leaving for a bigger world, bigger course, bigger civilization and bigger picture. Only certain AS students have been chosen to represent their work. (Photography, Textiles, Art and Design, Product Design, Graphics etc).

Some students are very talented, gifted to produce so ominable piece of art. It opens to all the local people and some are interested to buy the art work.

Some more amazing Art work that Students of Longley Park Sixth Form College have produced during the creative show 2009.

Alhamdulillah, approximately 2offers pouring in and interested to buy my art work. Alhamdullillah, I have never been so grateful to the my teachers, my friends and families that support through the best of times and the darkest of hours. Without them, I will never achieved the impossible dream that been seeking until today. It is an honour to produce a work that people highly praised, it does encourage me to build yet improve my skills and expand the knowledge of art. Umm.. raser macam truly artist pulak :P hehe.. but it is only painting after all. There are a lot things that i need to improve as it can develop my understanding but most importantly and significantly, improve myself to be a better person in the future. InsyaAllah, With Allah's help, insyaAllah anything is possible even the impossible. Nothing is impossible! Rien n'est pas possible! Fighting! ^_^

Abang Atiq's work! due to the course that he chosed during college, for instance 'Product Design' and 'Art and Design', he has to prepare twice the amount of work and it has been really tough for my beloved brother. But he rise up to take the challenge and difficulties that occurs on his shoulder, he raises even the hardest task on his path, he never gives up! That's my only brother. He taught me a lot of new things, making my life easier than his, when I need assistance, he gives me the right guide and I am so fortunate to have such a brother. He might not be the brightest nor the smartest, but he never gives up which makes him my idol, my guidance and importantly, my brother.


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