Maths revision!

During studies time, Abang atiq is really focussing on his work. My beloved older and only brother. Focus, work hard and determination are key to success, not to mention a lot of doa's and hope. InsyaAllah.. Gud luck abang and all the best! Fighting!

Pictures during revision in maths. Sweet memories should never been forgotten even though it brings back another painful events in the past.

Unfortunately,this month, schedule is full with exams. From one corner of the course to the end part of the subject, is really stressed for a young college student :P It all queued one by one, side by side and date to date. huhu.. 20th May (Stats Exam) and 5th June (Core 1 and Core 2). Maths formulas need to be revised and remembered back. Past papers need more doing >_<

However, never gives up, never back down and never take back the word of wisdom! Life is full of adventure and tough challenges. There are good and bad moments in this wonderful life but never put bad memories as a block, a rejection perhaps. Improve as a person and give your best no matter what challenges lies on your path! Chaiyyok!!

French Exams (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing an essay)

Huhu, french, one of the hardest course that one have to face to succed in french languages. You are from nothing, from little vocabs, words and phrases to something special. AS level in languages, is really hard due to the amount of level of difficulty that they have put. However, Nothing is impossible. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Ajar2 Fighting! ;D

Abang Babul and the gang :D

Art exam

Akhirnye, finally, the first exam that we all have been waiting for.huhu.. time gone so fast that sometimes you did not realise that it has gone past you in a blink of an eye. Yet through the darkest of time and the best of hour, alhamdulillah, I have achieved the impossible task, huhu.From the blank sketchbook, to drawings and paintings, i have reached my ultimate goal which completed the art course in a best possible ways. Praised that i have receieved from classmates, to parents and teachers, have matured me to perfect my skills and yet broaden my knowledge and idea in art. It has been a long time but at last, cita2 sudah sampai. The road has ended on it is last patch.

Cikgu kesayangan: From left to right, Rob Barker (left) Faris :) ME (right)

Ahmad Suzaili b Shaari

Noor Azuan bt Hashim

Muhammad Arif Atiq

Muhammad Faris Nazmi

Aina Syuhada

Adneen Safiyya